ALAN May Be Increasing West Nile Virus Spillover from Wild Birds

We're in the midst of summertime mosquito bite season and cities across the country are reporting a heightened number of West Nile Virus (WNV) cases. The house sparrow is one of the most common carriers of WNV in urban areas. Mosquitos feed off the infected birds and spread the virus to humans. New research finds…

Get Your Garden Spring Ready!

Get ready to spring into the new season with LED Outdoor Lighting. With the warmer weather and longer days right around the corner, there has never been a better time to spruce up the exterior of your home. We have all the fittings you could possibly need to get your garden ready for a summer…



200mm GaN-on-Si wafers ready for blue/green micro-LED production

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Why “energy savings” from your lighting retrofit is just the tip of the iceberg

Having performed LED lighting retrofits in the industrial and commercial markets for about 10 years now, I have identified one major theme that is significant, yet seldom discussed. Most projects get approved based on a Simple Payback Period (SPP). The SPP is calculated on the total cost of the project divided by the annual energy…

Mr Beams™ Team Tests the New Stick Anywhere Mini LED Light

One of the perks of being part of the Mr. Beams team is getting to test out all the new lights. We get just as excited about each new light as our customers do and we start thinking of new places around our homes that could use more light. So for our new Stick Anywhere…

Pets: Our Other “Children”

If you have pets, you can appreciate how important it is to keep them safe in your yard.  Pet containment systems are certainly useful, but many people have big yards and, even if your dog or cat is within the parameters of the containment system, when it's dark out, they may be hard to spot. …

Mr Beams Supports The Off Grid Project

If you are familiar with Mr Beams WiLi™ (Wireless Lighting), you know that our company was started by Mike Recker and David Levine when they wanted to find a solution for the issue of lighting a dark closet.  From there, they have expanded the Mr Beams line of battery-powered lights and have been awarded a number…

Remote Control Kitchen Lighting

Many of our customers have been asking us when we will be coming out with battery-powered LED lights that can be controlled with a remote so they can manually turn the light on and off when needed. Mr. Beams LED Lights were all designed with a motion sensor and auto-shut off timer to prolong battery life.…

Time to upgrade your school printer?

  School printer upgrades Each school year there are new printer upgrades which can drive down operating costs while maximising efficiency. Is now the time to upgrade your school printer? Should you be investing in a brand-new machine which will save you money, increase productivity and help you and your staff utilise new technology? With…

5 Essential Outdoor Lighting Basics

It’s easy to recognize good outdoor lighting when you see it. When the sun goes down, the house looks welcoming – there are no dark shadows, and entrances and the driveway are well-lit, secure and beautiful. You can create the same welcoming ambiance for your home with a good outdoor lighting plan. Start with a…

LG Display’s massive surge in OLED light panel production

LG Display's massive surge in OLED light panel production The post LG Display’s massive surge in OLED light panel production appeared first on, LED Technology, LED Lighting, LEDs, LED Lighting Market.

USAToday recommends the ReadyBright™ Power Outage Lighting System

The Mr Beams ReadyBright Power Outage Lighting System was recently reviewed by USA Today for convenient lighting during your next power outage. With three components and wireless installation, the system's ease of use and effectiveness makes it a must-have for home emergency kits. The flashlight/controller plugs into any outlet and detects when power is lost…

Stick Anywhere Night Lights for Elderly Pets

It’s no secret that the MB723 Stick Anywhere Night Lights are a simple and effective way to light up your stairway. Each nightlight is a battery-powered LED light that installs without wires and in just a few minutes.  Being wireless allows the Stick Anywhere Night Light to be placed in any hallway, stairway, and deck…

A Dreamy 4BHK “Forever Home”

A Nirala Aspire flat designed by Livspace! An airy and breezy setting defines the entire home Who livs here: Anil and Anu Saroha with their two children, Aarshia and Aarav Location: Nirala Aspire, Sector – 16, Greater Noida Size of home: 4BHK spanning 2,450 sq ft  Design team: Interior designer Ojasvi Gombhar  Livspace service: Full…

The Mr. Beams Path Light Comparison

We’re excited for our new UltraBright Path Light because it gives our customers more options for lighting their pathways and walkways and because it’s so bright! At 80 lumens, it’s as bright as our Mini Spotlight, which means no path is too dark for it. But we know you must be wondering how it’s different…

Low Cost Motion Sensor Security Lights from Mr. Beams

A customer from Cleveland, TN, called me this morning to ask a question about installing his Mr. Beams Motion Sensor Security Spotlight.  He said to me, "You saved me a lot of money.  I was going to call an electrician to install a light.  I probably saved $150 by finding this Mr. Beams Motion Sensor…

Saving Grandma Ruthie From Bumps in the Night

Grandma Ruthie is 94 years old and lives in an assisted living facility.  After surviving three husbands, she has decided that she will only date now.  Her boyfriend, Harold, lives in the same building.  Grandma Ruthie is obviously doing something right because there are nine single women for every single man where they live. As a…

Win the Warehouse Light Fight

Without light, a warehouse can’t function. Usually lacking windows, all productivity starts and ends with being able to see products, packing materials, invoices and shipping details.  So needless to say (but we’ll say it anyway), when a power outage strikes, that’s not good for business. Sure there’s emergency lighting, but is that enough to keep…

How to Buy LED Lighting

The energy-efficient solution for lighting, LEDs provide the illumination you need without consuming the same power as regular incandescent bulbs. In this LED lighting buying guide, you’ll learn not only the many benefits of light-emitting diodes (LEDs), but also how to decipher everything from watts and lumens to CRI. You’ll also get practical, expert tips…