Saving Money on Bathroom Renovations

An inexpensive way to add light under your sink It seems homeowners are upgrading their bathrooms more frequently; outfitting them with everything from luxurious tubs to heated floors. Peace and quiet aren't the only motivating factors when it comes to remodeling a bathroom. An upgraded bathroom helps sell a home and can be a good…

Japan’s Most Coveted Designers You Need To Know Now

Japan’s Most Coveted Designers are here and we have selected just the ones you need to be taking into account when you set your mind for your next interior design project. Because once and for all you need to take into account what you have and what’s in the market for the better ones. SEE…



Keep it moving

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How To Use Chandeliers, Pendants, And Lamps To Brighten Your Home Effectively

What’s one of the biggest differences between walking into an office and stepping into a home? Simple: one has style and exudes a sense of character, a personality, while the other… well the other one just… doesn’t. And if you’ve ever been exposed to the chronic dullness of your typical 9-to-5, you’ll know darn well…

Add More Glamour to Your Restaurant with the Right Lighting Fixtures!

“Light creates ambience and feel of a place, as well as the expression of the structure,” said Le Corbusier, and light fixtures are the essential feature of restaurant design as they offer a perfect mix of what is served there and what your guests love. Along with the furniture, space, colours, and textures, light fixtures…

Friday Favorites 05 | Terrazzo Trend

When the terrazzo trend first got big, I admit I was really not on board. But I quickly realized that’s because the most trending designs were made with super muted colors, that felt a little stale to me (nothing against neutrals, it just wasn’t speaking to me!). Now, if you search terrazzo on Pinterest, you’ll…

The Importance of Off-Grid Lighting

If you can’t tell, we are big fans of off-grid lighting. We like having the freedom to have light when and where we need it without depending on the grid.   Even though the United States’ power grid is becoming less reliable (the frequency and duration of power outages has increased two percent each year,…

pureLiFi reveals new product ready to immerse the world in real Li-Fi

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5 Tips for Upgrading Your Bath Lighting

In 2015 people spent a record $300 billion on renovations in their homes, and it’s predicted that spending in 2016 will set yet another record.* One of the most in-demand renovations is for bathrooms, often including an upgrade to LED lighting fixtures, along with other environmentally-sound products such as low-flow commodes to save water. Why… recommends the ReadyBright™ Power Outage Lighting System recommends the Home Power Outage Lighting System for Hurricane Preparedness! As they write:  "... In other words, the Mr Beam system provides reliable backup light during power outages. We found that it was easy to install, even if you know nothing about electronics. Once installed, the lights automatically received a wireless signal through the kit's patent-pending Power…

The “GOOD BAR” in Kyiv, Ukraine

images goodbar_small.jpg Received a nice FaceBook note recently filled with images of an order we filled some time ago. As I recall, it was one of those phone calls you are suspicious of, at first — overseas call, broken English, asking what form of Credit Cards do we take, liking to place a large order…
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The Complete Guide to the Mr Beams Path Light Family

Motion-sensing path lights provide a simple, effective solution to safely navigating dark pathways. And Mr Beams offers a variety of path lights for whatever your needs are: indoor or outdoor lighting, wall or ground installation, bright or brighter.   All of our path lights provide similar features, such as motion activation, auto shut off and…

A New Generation of LED Tape – Introducing NeoFlex & NeoGlow!

Here at Wholesale LED Lights, we’re always looking for ways to improve our range so that you – our valued customers – have always got the very best choice for your home lighting. That’s why we’re delighted to introduce two brand new ranges of LED Strip Light – the NeoFlex and NeoGlow LED Tapes! Our…

Bright Battery Powered Lighting for Cottages and Summer Homes

Mr Beams makes a variety of battery-powered LED lights that do not require wiring. We just spoke to one of our customers who recently purchased a summer cottage. He mentioned he would be spending the next few weekends fixing it up so it would ready for his family to use all summer. He mentioned some…

Wearable light

What happens when fashion and light design collide? Many designers tried different techniques to incorporate light in to a wearable light piece. For example, this talented Korean knitwear designer - HyunJin Yun experimented with glow-in-the-dark yarn, metallic and transparent yarn for knitting and digital printing. She is not a simple knitwear designer because she is…

Lumen output testing is needed for reliability

By BizLED Bureau Aug 17, 2017: While buying an LED light, a consumer may not be aware of lumen maintenance, but a designer or a manufacturer knows how important it is to measure lumen maintenance to enhance the life of LED lighting products, as their basic goal is to meet the right lighting needs of…

QVC-Exclusive UltraBright Spotlights!

Don't miss this one-day offer on ULTRABRIGHT SPOTLIGHTS! This deal was to good not to share! We partnered with QVC to create this exclusive offer, available on on Thursday, August 31*   We want to make sure our customers are in the know when it comes to exclusive deals - whether it's through or…

Outdoor Deck Lighting Ideas to Make it Look Great at Night

A well-executed outdoor deck lighting design can extend the nighttime use of your space while creating a warm and inviting ambiance for evening enjoyment and increase safety. As the sun sets, you have the perfect setting to relax under the evening sky or continue entertaining your company. There are several ways to make your deck…

Give Your Kids’ Outdoor Tree House Some Indoor Lighting

Warm weather is here and school is almost out for summer, so that can only mean one thing – the kids will be living outside for the next three months. While days are filled with trips to the zoo, baseball games and swimming, nights are prime time for huddling with friends, eating junk food and…