Prevent Home Invasions this Holiday Season

When you think of the holiday season, the first few things that come to mind are family, friends, food, and presents. Sadly, some use the holidays as a time to target unsuspecting neighborhoods for robberies. Many people have expensive electronics and jewelry that are intended to be gifts for loved ones hidden in their homes.…

Light Up Your Garage with Wireless Lights from Mr. Beams

We have 6 light bulbs in our garage.  Two each on the garage door openers and two exposed bulbs in the ceiling.  When these light bulbs are working we have a brightly lit garage.  However, they are never working.  The vibration of the garage opening combined with the cold winter in Northeast Ohio and our tendency to forget…



Filthy weather conditions call for low-beam headlights

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Hiller Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical Honored with Amana Dealer of the Decade Award

Hiller Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical (Hiller), the region’s premier provider of residential and commercial service and repair, was named East Coast Metal Distributor’s “Amana Dealer of the Decade” in 2019. This award, crafted specifically for Hiller, recognizes the company’s dedication to providing customers with superior HVAC installation and service.   Since 2009, Amana and…

4 Simple Lighting Ideas for Apartments and Small Spaces

Small spaces and apartments come with their own set of challenges—strict landlords, low ceilings, or just a lack of surface area. Good lighting is one of the simplest ways to elevate a space, making your design feel more intentional and your room look more spacious. People often fall into the small space design trap of…

How To Light Your Mobile Home With Off-Grid Lights

Nearly 20 million Americans live in mobile homes, according to a US Census estimate – so convenient, portable lighting for them is a must. Mr. Beams lights are easy to install and can be installed anywhere, so they’re a perfect match for mobile homes. Here is our guide to lighting your mobile home with our…

Handyman Club Also Recommends Mr. Beams Motion Sensor Security Spotlight

The Mr. Beams Motion Sensor Security Spotlight was tested and approved by the members of the Handyman Club of America.  113 members installed and tested the Mr. Beams Security Motion Sensor Spotlight and 95% of these members approved of its performance.  Members praised the ease of installation without wires, the bright LED light that never needs…

A California Bungalow Reconnects With Its Magnificent Backyard

A California Bungalow Reconnects With Its Magnificent Backyard Architecture Amelia Barnes The Peekaboo House by Native Design Workshop. Photo – Tatjana Plitt. The home was designed around making the most of the backyard. Photo – Tatjana Plitt. Instead of building out across the garden, the team went up! Photo – Tatjana Plitt. It was important…

pureLiFi reveals new product ready to immerse the world in real Li-Fi

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The Seafaring Painter Pushing The Boundaries Of Maritime Art

The Seafaring Painter Pushing The Boundaries Of Maritime Art Studio Visit by Elle Murrell Artist Gemma Rasdall on her floating home. Photo – Alisha Gore. The Sydney-based artist doesn’t have a parrot, but she does have puppy Arkie! Photo – Alisha Gore. Inspired by seascapes and living on the sea! Photo – Alisha Gore. When…

LED Savings

Save over $128 per LED replacement bulb. LED Lighting technology is here to stay. LED replacement bulbs are now available for most lighting applications and smart homeowners and businesses are making the switch to LED bulbs for one simple reason: COST SAVINGS! These Revolutionary Light Bulbs Will Save You Hundreds of Dollars! LED Lighting technology…
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Coralist by Design Momentum

Coralist is a cosmedical skincare brand which uses natural ingredients of coral from Jeju Island. This is the first brand...

Lumens vs Watts: How to Measure the Brightness of Today’s LED Lamps

When researching lighting or shopping for bulbs, consumers will often see three delineations to describe illumination: lumens, watts, and kelvin. It's quite common to be confused about these differences, and because of it to potentially make an uneducated decision. We've already discussed the kelvin color scale and how it relates to outdoor lighting, but here we demystify…

Robin Gordon Named VP/Marketing at ELK

%%BLOGLINK%enLIGHTenment - The Lighting Industry Trade Publication - Nesquehoning, Pa.-based ELK Group International (which includes the ELK Home, ELK Lighting, ELK Hospitality, ELK Lifestyle, Stein World, and Thomas Lighting divisions) has appointed Robin Gordon as VP/Marketing at ELK Group International. She will be based out of the ELK New York City office. Prior to joining…

Safety Lighting for Halloween Trick o’ Treating

The easiest way to add light to your house for Halloween safety is through WiLi™ (wireless lighting) from Mr. Beams. Mr. Beams has weatherproof LED lights that turn on once they detect motion. Light up your driveway with the Mr. Beams Motion Sensor Security Spotlight (MB360). This bright light attaches anywhere with one screw - even…

4 Reasons the UltraBright Spotlight Makes a Great Floodlight

When it’s dark and creepy or cold and rainy, outdoor lights still need to work, because these are not the times you want to be out there fixing them. Not only that, but having light during these times is safer and simply more convenient. Outdoor floodlights are great to light a large area, like a…

Video: Mr Beams™ LED Spotlight Mounting Outside of Home

Mr Beams™ LED Spotlights (Remote Controlled, Motion Activated, Battery Operated) In this video, a homeowner shows how to mount a Mr Beams™ LED Spotlight on the outside of your home. The spotlight is remote controlled, and comes with a mount for the remote control as well. Video Transcription This is the Mr Beams™ LED Battery…

LED Tape Lighting: Flexible and Cool

Lighting experts acknowledge that LED tape lighting is rapidly replacing traditional recessed lighting, thanks to its ease of installation, warm color temperature and low profile. The most popular application for LED tape lighting is kitchen under cabinet lighting. It places light closer to work surfaces and avoids casting shadows for tasks such as food prep,…


Don Bono is a cafeteria and restaurant inspired by the Cauca Valley in Colombia. Both the gastronomic offer and the...