quoizel nine light flush mountFlush mount fixtures are a standard in many homes. Most of us think of them as those dull, dome-shaped fixtures in the center of the ceiling that barely provides enough illumination for the room. The thing about flush mount lighting is that your old, boring fixtures can easily be swapped out for something more exciting. Here are three ways you can punch up your lighting design with flush mount fixtures:

Sleek and Modern

Flush mount lighting in an elegant, modern style is unobtrusive, keeping the main focus on your furniture and décor. If you are looking for minimalist lighting options, flush mount lighting is an excellent option. Minimalist does not mean boring, so take a look at all of the styles available before picking a fixture.

Over the Top

Flush mount lighting can be used to create an atmosphere of luxury and drama in rooms that are too small for a chandelier. We offer many over-the-top options to help you create a glamorous lighting design that is also practical for your space.

Highlight Your Style

No matter your style, there is a flush mount fixture that compliments it perfectly. Whether you are going for a contemporary or vintage look, or any number of designs, you can find the right fixture for your space.

When you need flush mount lighting near St. Petersburgh, FL, turn to Lightstyle of Tampa Bay. Our showroom and online store are fully stocked with the lighting solutions you need for every room in your home.