For most building owners, interior and exterior lighting are a multipurpose feature their business needs. Architectural firms specializing in lighting design understand the two-fold purpose of functionality and style when implementing lighting systems into commercial structures. LumaFilm lighting products from Heilux make the perfect solutions for all types of lighting designs in almost any business setting. Below are five common lighting applications that will work for you.


1. Flexible LED Panels

Flexible panels open up endless possibilities for lighting design. Architects can twist and turn these panels to conform to almost any contour of walls, ceiling, and architectural features. You pick the structural template you want to create, and we engineer a matching LED panel in the size and shape that works for you.


2. Stained Glass Lighting

A significant differentiating feature of LumaFilm is that it can be placed closer to a surface or diffuser for backlighting due to its evenly diffuse light from closely placed, low powered LEDs. This feature makes them perfect for concepts such as stained-glass lighting where proximity is essential to display the details of a stained glass lighting design. Allow LumaFilm engineers to tailor the color temperature to properly illuminate dark stained glass without washing out lighter sections.


3. Illuminated Ceiling Lighting

For most designers, fully illuminating a room and providing a unique feature can at time conflict with space or budget.  However fully illuminated ceilings utilizing stretched diffusers such as those available from NEWMAT or Barrisol allow designers to accomplish both general illumination and a bright, dramatic lighting feature.  LumaFilm, with constant current drivers that can be remotely located, are ideal for illuminous ceilings because of their low energy use.  Specify LumaFilm and watch the entire space light up.


4. Creative Lighting

If you are like most lighting designers, you enjoy the opportunities when you can let your imagination run wild to create unique indoor or outdoor lighting. We provide several options for your ideas to create lighting unlimited by standard shapes or flat planes. Some of our most popular creative lighting products include:


●        Strip Lighting available in multiple widths and outputs

●        Dynamic White for adjustable color temperature applications such as human centric lighting

●        RGBW to create dramatic accents across unlimited colors

●        Acoustic White our standard LumaFilm product, with open spaces for application such as sound absorbing acoustic tiles.

●        LumaFrame provides a one stop solution for backlit signs, luminous ceilings and walls with its aluminum frame and printed, stretch fabric diffusors


LumaFilm provides endless possibilities. Tell us your idea, and we can create a product for your current project.


5. Frosted Glass Lighting

One of the most popular lighting designs in commercial buildings today is frosted glass lighting. This lighting concept combines the perfect mix of privacy and subtle style to any glass-based design. If you want a specific room or area in your building to stand out, but want to maintain a simple, straightforward vibe with privacy, frosted glass enhanced with LumaFilm is your answer.


Get Creative with LumaFilm

LumaFilm offers flexible LED lighting emitters to give you diffuse, even lighting to illuminate smaller spaces in unlimited shapes.  Whether you’re looking for an aesthetic appeal, or want to provide general illumination, we provide low-energy LED lighting for your lighting concept. To find out more about LumaFilm, contact us today at 952-944-9859, or [email protected].