This isn’t the first time we’ve emphasized the importance of task lighting (and fair warning, it probably won’t be the last). But task lighting is more than just a convenience, it’s good for your body, too.


Research has shown that inadequate lighting can cause poor posture (because of changing your body to see better) and eye strain, which can lead to headaches.


Our Stick Anywhere Task Light provides a simple solution to lighting any task. The motion-sensing LED light, which is about the size of a smartphone, directs 35 lumens of neutral white light to cover 10 square feet. Because of its compact size and easy installation (with the included screws or double-sided adhesive), you can have instant, easy task lighting anywhere. But here are five tasks to make sure you have adequate light:



1. Computer work – working on a computer already puts strain on your eyes. Make sure that you have enough light nearby but not aimed directly at the screen to avoid glare.


2. Cooking – if there’s any room in the house that needs adequate lighting, it’s the kitchen (you don’t want to start a recipe all over again because you mistook ¼ cup for a ½ cup).


3. Home improvement – when you’re at your workbench trying to fix a remote control, a phone or trying to find a special tool, you need to see the small parts you’re working with and the difference between the slot head and Phillips head screwdrivers.


4. Paperwork – especially if you’re in a cubicle or inside corner at the office, you might be working in the shadows. Ensure you have enough light to see and complete paperwork.


5. Organizing – when you’re ready to organize that hall closet or basement storage area, you need to see in between the shelves and in boxes. And because of the Task Light’s small size, it can do both easily!