When Ryan H., Mr Beams’ director of product, began testing the new Amber Stick Anywhere Light, he knew the company was on to something.


Mr Beams product manager amber night lightHaving switched out the original Stick Anywhere Light for the new Amber Stick Anywhere Light in his bedroom, he noticed a difference in his mornings: the softer amber shade – as opposed to a bright white light – took the harshness out of waking up.


But when he saw the light wasn’t affecting his wife’s sleep, he knew it was a game changer.


“I noticed that the light wasn’t waking my wife up; although it was bright enough to get ready by, it wasn’t disturbing her,” he says. “That’s when I got really excited about this product because it had truly made our lives better.”


We caught up with Ryan to get inside details of how and why Mr Beams created the Amber Stick Anywhere Light, including how it can coexist with the original Stick Anywhere Light.


MB: How did Mr Beams come up with the idea for the Amber Stick Anywhere Light?

Blue light disrupts sleepRYAN: Our research showed that movement during the night normally starts in the bedroom, making it a prime place to use a night light. As we researched what it would take to provide the best solution, we found that normal night lights are far from ideal because their blue light is scientifically proven to disrupt sleep.


Everyone from workaholics to world class athletes are going the extra mile to not only stop using computers and smartphones while they prepare for sleep, but also to cover cable box LEDs and blue lights on alarm clocks. Even the newest iPhones are including a night mode that eliminates blue lights from their screens.


MB: Why did Mr Beams decide to base the new amber light off the Original Stick Anywhere Light?

RYAN: We wanted to give Mr Beams customers a very convenient, functional light with great battery life. What better way than using the most popular Mr Beams light? Using this product would provide our customer a solution they are already familiar with, making it easier than ever to get light where they may not have had it before.


Mr Beams night light comparison


MB: What makes the Amber Stick Anywhere Light different from the Original Stick Anywhere Light, and does it make the Original Stick Anywhere Light obsolete?

RYAN: Our research shows that lights with color at a wavelength above 550 nm do not disrupt sleep rhythms. The Amber Stick Anywhere Light has an amber light with a wavelength of 600 nm, which is above the safe-for-sleep threshold of 550 nm, while the Original Stick Anywhere Light is below that wavelength with its white color. The two lights actually complement each other. We think our customers will prefer each light for different areas of their home.


Interested in the science behind the new Amber Stick Anywhere Light?

The science behind Mr Beams Amber Stick Anywhere Light