Preparedness is a big deal here at the Mr Beams headquarters. And should we experience a power outage, we’re stocked with wireless lights and batteries and are definitely ready for it. But there are other situations to be prepared for that don’t involve lighting. Sometimes it’s a little thing, like never running out of your every-day essentials, and other times it’s a large-scale emergency. Either way, we want to be prepared, so we rounded up preparedness tips from some of the Mr Beams team.


David, President

David has a vinyl liner for his bathtub that holds 20 gallons of water, which is enough for him and his family in case of an emergency.


Karen, Director of Marketing

Karen shops in bulk for things like toothpaste, deodorant and dog food so she doesn’t run out and find herself in a pinch.


Lauren, Creative Coordinator

Lauren preps her lunches and snacks for the week every Sunday, so if she’s running late in the morning she doesn’t have to skip packing a lunch.


Jamie, Digital Marketing Manager

Jamie keeps a stash of birthday cards on hand so even if her schedule gets crazy, she’ll always be ready for her friends’ and family’s birthdays.


Maya, Customer Service Leader

Every morning before work, Maya checks the traffic for her route to work to see if there’s an accident and needs to find a different route.


Yunzhu, Amazon Analyst

Yunzhu buys her seasonal clothes in advance (ex: winter clothes in the summer) so she’s ready for the new season – plus, the styles are on sale!


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