Now that it’s officially spring, we’re spending a lot more time in the yard – both for landscaping projects and for fun – which means landscape lighting is a must. But different areas of the yard need different types of light. So let’s get started!


First, map out your yard and determine what type of landscape lighting you’ll need:


accent lighting for decoration around gardens and yard ornaments

safety lighting for pathways and stairs

ambient lighting for specific destinations


Mr Beams landscape lighting


Luckily, Mr Beams family of wireless lights is versatile enough to cover them all and in less than 5 minutes. The lights are battery powered for wireless installation. Simply insert the mounting stake for path lights into the ground or, when applicable, attach the mounting plate to a wall or post with the included screws to mount the light that way.


Now, determine which Mr Beams light will work best:


-Accent. Mr Beams Spotlight with Remote Control serves as a somewhat untraditional accent light. Simple mount the spotlight, change the brightness level to 60 lumens and manually turn the light on for 1 or 4 hours for easy accent lighting.


-Safety. All Mr Beams path lights provide bright, motion-activated light to instantly increase safety in your yard. Choose from our Compact Path Light, Original Path Light or UltraBright Path Light depending on how bright you want the light to be.


Mr Beams Step Light GlowMode


-Ambient. Mr Beams Step Light and Original Path Light both offer GlowMode, which is an optional feature that allows the light to stay on at a low light level without motion. When the lights detect motion, they activate to full brightness then return to GlowMode. The lights serve as markers to see the outline of pathways, stairways and perimeters. As a bonus, the light level is low enough to not affect battery life.


Ready to add path lighting to your yard?

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