Australia-born artist James Tapscott creates beautiful and otherworldly outdoor installations using various types of light.

arc one 1.jpg

In the Arc series he allows time and nature to produce it’s artwork with the help of light.

arc one 2.jpg

Arc One is installed at Lake Tyrell, Victoria. Beginning as a gentle arc, a 100 meter length of flexible rope-light imbedded in the lake’s crust is left for one month to allow the site to manipulate it’s form through daily tidal movements.

arc one 3.jpgsalt crust

salt crust

arc one 5.jpgLand mass at dusk

Land mass at dusk

arc one 7.jpg

“The forms I create are usually quite simple and elegant – without baggage. I strive to enable the viewer to experience the work in a state of nameless non-objectification, if only for the briefest of moments.

This primal interaction empowers one to transcend language and embrace the potential to remove all boundaries between self and subject, matter and energy, light, time, information… hopefully to see a little more today than they did yesterday.”

— James Tapscott

arc one 8.jpg