Stand Anywhere Light


Using the new Stand Anywhere Light can be addictive. Just ask Ryan, our director of product development.


“I have three in my house right now,” he says. “I have one in a bathroom, one in my pantry, and even one at the base of my stairs so I can make my way to bed when I’ve turned off my living room lights.”


This newest addition to our night light family offers a new take on night lighting. Combining what customers love about Mr Beams – motion activation, auto shut off, long battery life and wireless design – with a new no-installation standing design means safety lighting can be just about anywhere in and around the home.



Keep reading to get the first-hand story behind the creation of the Stand Anywhere Light.


MB: What was the inspiration behind this light?

RYAN: The Stand Anywhere Light was inspired by every customer who expressed apprehension for “sticking” our MB720 Stick Anywhere Light to their wall. We made it to simplify the installation procedure (which is basically nonexistent) and allow our customers to set up the light exactly how they want.


MB: What was this light designed to do?

RYAN: The light has all the things Mr Beams is known for: clean light output, exceptional motion detection and a degree of weatherproofing. Also, it “installs” anywhere on its rubber base, which was purposefully designed to stand on countertops, floors and shelves. Because it’s portable and easy to adjust, our customers can get exactly what they need in terms of light and motion detection.


MB: Why is the standing design a big deal?

RYAN: Ease of installation – it can be placed almost anywhere without wires or mounting!


MB: Why does this light have an optional “off” switch?

RYAN: The “off” switch is there so it can be transported without turning on, which saves the batteries and also makes it easy to travel with.


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