We’re proud to announce a new partnership with mass save and NECN. To encourage saving through energy efficiency, we encourage our customers to change all of their light bulbs to LED bulbs. Each bulb you switch can save you more than $100 in energy costs over the bulb’s lifetime – plus you don’t have to replace them for years and years.

Did you know that lighting accounts for about 10% of the electricity use in the average U.S. home? According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, upgrading to ENERGY STAR certified LED bulbs and fixtures can cut this energy use by 90% and help you save. LEDs provide the same amount of brightness as traditional bulbs and use less energy.

Here are some en-lightening tips:

  • Customize the type of lighting for each room. For the kitchen, our LED experts recommend using a warmer LED bulb to create a comfortable, welcoming ambiance. For the bathroom, a cooler and somewhat bright bulb works best.
  • If you’re ready to update your light fixtures, explore LED-integrated fixtures for your bathroom. The light is more evenly distributed than for a regular bulb fixtures, with no hot spots or shadows.
  • Look for the ENERGY STAR© label on LED bulbs or fixtures to ensure the best quality and energy savings.

Read more on the mass save website.