Right at the crossroad of art and science, Swiss lighting designer, scientist and photographer Marc Simon Frei created Tesla Art.

Tiny bolts of lightning are captured on camera as they shoot with various tesla coil appliances turning the discharge of electricity into a form of art.

“For my picture series I used a Violet Ray, a high-frequency radiation apparatus from the twenties, which I had bought on Ebay.”

— Marc Simon Frei

For Highlumen blog, Marc describes the process of his creation:

“To make the Tesla flashes as long and intense as possible, I placed non-conductive materials between the abutment of the Tesla coil and the ground. Mostly I used glass as an insulator. As toroids, I mostly use aluminum materials. My miniature Tesla coil was originally used in electrotherapy. The result in the form of sparking sparks and thunderstorm-like arcs. The purple plasma gives off the effect of a tiny indoor lightning storm.”

— Marc Simon Frei

But please be warned, this is not for untrained professionals, as Marc ads:

“Do not try this at home, the high frequency voltage could damage your electronic devices.”

— Marc Simon Frei

We know we’re late on this, but happy birthday to Nikola Tesla, who is among the greatest minds ever lived on this planet, and we must proudly add, of Serbian ethnicity.

Marc inspired us not only with his work but with his unusual combination of skills, as you can see here:


or here: