James Floyd Kelly, a.k.a GeekDad from, wrote a review on our ReadyBright Home Power Outage System that we wanted to share. John acknowledged the importance of our system because there were 1.2 million Americans without power at the time of his article. He was also preparing for a thunderstorm the day before the 4th of July that could have had a significant impact on his power. When the power would go out in his house, he had to navigate through his unorganized workshop in the dark – a hassle that many of us can relate to. Here is a simple explanation as to how ReadyBright™ works from James’ review:


“I tested the system by first plugging in the Power Outage Detector in an unused outlet on the first level. It comes with a rechargeable battery that you install, and it also functions as a remote control. The emergency lights are designed to run for 30 minutes before turning off. A simple press of a button on its face immediately turns on all emergency lighting again. Oh, and the remote control also serves as a flashlight with a very bright LED on its front.”

Our ReadyBright™ Home Power Outage System instantly detects a power outage, provides you with an innovative battery-free flashlight, and turns on step and ceiling lights anywhere in your home when your power goes out.


Here is a link to James’ product review:

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