Before we launch a product, we do as much customer testing as we can.  All feedback is welcome at this stage – good and bad.  It is the only way to address issues in a product before we put it onto the market aggressively.  In the case of our 260 lumen UltraBright Lantern, I gave one lantern to old friends of mine who have always given me direct, honest feedback on our products.  They own and use several of our products from the early days when we started the company. 
They love the lantern and gave me very positive feedback.  One feature that they made a special mention of is the nightlight mode.  When on bright mode, the LED array of the lantern provides about 260 lumens of light.  In nightlight mode, the LED array is turned down to provide 20 lumens of low level lighting and the custom optics spreads the light evenly in all directions.  This feature can be used to keep the light on low through the night at home or while camping for safety and security.  We designed it this way specifically for use as a portable nightlight for children during power outages while also seeing value in it for camping and other off grid applications. Because of the light output being drastically reduced, this will allow the lantern to operate for at least two months worth of nights on one set of batteries.
The vision was that during a power outage, you could put the battery-powered lantern on the floor of a child’s room or in the hallway outside of their room and leave it on all night.  For camping, you could leave the low level of light on all night but not be disturbed when going to sleep.  Anyway, I was happy that they reminded me of the usefulness of this feature which then reminded me of the original vision behind it.  Hopefully, customers will find the nightlight mode as valuable as we hoped.