Lanterns Are Great for Home Use

 Since I last went camping in 1995, you may be asking why I need a lantern.  There are so many reasons to have a lantern in your home that we designed an LED Lantern  specifically for home use.  The Mr. Beams UltraBright Lantern with USB Charging Port is the perfect lantern for home, deck and outdoor activities.  There are so many great uses for a lantern in your home that I started a list.  So here are the reasons that every home should have a portable lantern:

  1. Power Outages – When the power goes out, you need a portable power outage light for all of the tasks that still need to get done.  An LED lantern is the best solution to light the kitchen for dinner preparation, the best solution to light up the bathroom as you get ready for bed, and the best solution to light up the stairs as you head to bed.  The Mr. Beams UltraBright Lantern gives the added feature of a built-in back-up charger.  Charge your phone, tablet and iPod to stay connected during a power outage. 
  2. Dinner Outside – Overhead flood lights are too harsh for dining in your backyard.  An LED lantern provides a bright but soft light to light up the dinner table for perfect outdoor dining.  Want more ambiance in your outdoor table?  The Mr. Beams UltraBright Lantern has a nightlight mode for soft light.
  3. Reading Outside – Do you like to read on your deck or hammock at night?  I used to try to hold up a flashlight by tucking it under my chin and tilting my head to aim the flashlight.  An LED lantern is the perfect solution to provide reading light at night.  And LEDs don’t attract bugs like traditional lighting.  No neck cramps and fewer mosquito bites with an LED lantern.
  4. Playing Games or Cards Outside – We love to play marathon Monopoly games on our back porch table.  Overhead lights were too bright and attracted bugs.  If we stopped moving enough, the motion sensor would turn the light off.  With an LED Lantern we now have hours of light that’s bright enough to catch the banker stealing but not blinding.  And LEDs are so efficient that the long battery life outlasts the fact that completing a game of Monopoly can take hours. 
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