Mr Beams has a number of low cost solutions for additional lighting needed in hotels. They are especially useful in older hotels that do not have adequate lighting in areas guests need them. Our Wireless LED Ceiling Light has been purchased by hotels who want to provide extra lighting in closets. The motion and light sensor only allow the light to turn on in darkness when motion is sensed for optimal battery consumption. By providing the convenience of hands free lighting that activates only when it’s needed, and turning off with an auto shut off timer, hotels can save thousands of dollars on hiring an electrician to come in and wire in new lighting that makes hotel guests happy. 

A second popular option for hotels is our MB723 Stick Anywhere Night Light. Hotels like to add these to hallways in the event of a power outage and to stairways. They are also convenient to add in the hotel room so guests can safely navigate throughout the unfamiliar hotel room at night. 

All of our Wireless Motion Sensing Lights get on average, one year of battery life on each set of batteries, making it the most financially logical solution to ensuring guest safety during their stay. 

Mr Beams has been approached by electrical contractors who work for hotels that are looking for an affordable solution to provide lighting to guests inside hotel rooms in the event of a power outage. They can simply plug the MB220 Power Outage Detector/Flashlight into any outlet and if the power goes out, it will automatically turn on, along with any other ReadyBright Power Outage Lights nearby. When needed, we can modify units for larger quantities to ensure the flashlight frequencies do not override the lights in a nearby room.