Mr. Beams’ office is located in Cleveland, OH, so we know a thing or two about brutally cold winters. When we designed our lights, we knew they needed to hold up in cold or freezing temperatures.

Our outdoor wireless lights have tight seals for weatherproof/water resistant packaging. We often get calls from customers asking how our Mr. Beams Lights work outside in cold temperatures during winter, since they run on batteries. When you install any battery powered outdoor product, it is likely that you will notice a difference in the performance of the product. This is due to the fact that batteries need to work harder in colder temperatures to power up the unit.

While your Mr. Beams outdoor light will still work in freezing temperatures, you may noticed the light is slightly dimmer than during warmer seasons because of this. If you live in an areas where you experience cold or freezing temperatures, we recommend using Lithium batteries to get the best performance and battery life. Here is an example from Energizer that works down to -4 degrees. 



It is important to note that these should NOT be mistaken for Lithium Ion batteries. A Lithium battery has a nominal voltage similar to an Alkaline battery so our lights will work fine. A Lithium Ion battery has a much higher voltage and could likely damage your Mr. Beams LED Light.


If you have any additional questions related to installing your Mr. Beams Wireless LED Light outside in cold temperatures, please contact us as [email protected]