LED Spotlights on Work Trailer

In this video, a contractor uses a Mr Beams LED spotlight to increase the security around his trailer. For his profession, this trailer is an important piece of equipment that stores a lot of the assets he uses to make a living so it’s extremely important that it stays safe from break-in’s and theft. A great use for Mr Beams LED lighting!

Video Transcription

So, I just fabricated my mount for this Mr Beams security light here. Its battery powered; it’s going to go on my trailer.  This particular piece is just to protect it from the drive-thru’s because my trailer rack is right at that height where it hits the maximum height things at McDonald’s and Timmy’s, and they get caught under stuff like this so this way it should deflect it up.

It’s just perfect height it should deflect up and over. We haven’t figured out what those are for because we don’t hit anything at the drive-thru expect for the maximum height hangers that get in the way there. So we’re going to put this up on the trailer now. It looks a bit like a camera, but it’s just a motion light so it will freak people out. A little bit more security because the trailer is worth a lot of money, and can’t afford to replace it and it’s not insured.

I got the generator cut down, and Mr Beams welded up there with a little “no cars over 9 feet” McDonald’s deflector to save them. So, he’s pointed down at the hitch here for anyone messing about with that. Definitely makes you feel a little more watched.