Patricia from California called me today and it made my day. She has two MB723 Stick Anywhere Night Lights – the battery-powered motion sensor night lights from Mr. Beams. We designed this product to prevent falls at night. The moment you rise to go to the bathroom at night, it detects your movement and lights up the path safely to the bathroom. Her 81-year-old mother loves this product, as does my Aunt Millie. When they need the motion sensor night lights, they light up brightly. When they are sleeping, these Mr. Beams battery-operated night lights are dark. Because they are wireless, they can be placed exactly where they are needed for safety and fall prevention.

Besides lighting up the path for our parents, the Mr. Beams Stick Anywhere Night Lights are also perfect for the following situations:

New Baby in the House – when the baby screams, the sleep-deprived parent has to find their way in the dark to the baby’s room. The Mr. Beams Night Lights will light up the dark path and dark stairs so they are less likely to fall or trip over toys, pets or laundry baskets.

Light Outdoor Stairs – Who has outlets outside?  The wireless motion sensor night light from Mr. Beams will light up your outdoor stairs. These battery-powered night lights use LEDs so the bulbs will not break or burn out. They are designed to withstand rain and snow for years.

More information about these wireless motion sensor LEDs is available at