JumpStart recently wrote about how Wireless Environment, Mr. Beams’ parent company, “pivoted” to find an unmet need in the market. The story can be found here

As for our story on JumpStart, we can say that we have gained tremendously from their assistance. JumpStart invested in Wireless Environment to help us build innovative technology for managing LED lighting when off the grid. More important than the funding has been the tremendous breadth of resources that JumpStart has provided every step of the way. JumpStart helped us see that our capabilities could produce much broader innovations in the field of off-grid LED lighting and pushed us to invent some significant improvements in the management of off-grid lighting. JumpStart provided an Entrepreneur in Residence to help us connect to important resources and to help us see that the entrepreneurial process is a series of steps and milestones that must be planned for and achieved. JumpStart encouraged us to form a Board of Directors, which has been instrumental to our growth. JumpStart also brought in an expert in managing aboard to teach us how we maximize the impact of our Board. JumpStart added a VP of Talent who has helped us hire and manage our team. And JumpStart connects us with the many resources in Northeast Ohio that are looking to support the entrepreneurial community – including experts in fundraising, real estate and hiring.

More importantly, JumpStart has assembled a team of extraordinary people who are more concerned about growing companies in Northeast Ohio than they are in their own personal gain. These people provide steady fuel to power the many talented entrepreneurs of the region. In addition to the companies receiving investments from JumpStart are many people who have benefitted from the great programs that JumpStart organizes. Northeast Ohio is a much better place to start a company due to the strong contributions of JumpStart.