The photo above shows the Mr. Beams Motion Sensor Security Spotlight. It is a bright LED light that is battery powered. The Mr Beams Motion Sensor Spotlight helps protect pets against coyotes, skunks, racoons and other wildlife by lighting up the dark areas of your yard. We attached the Motion Sensor Security Spotlights to our trees with one screw each. As soon as Darby is about to disappear into the darkness, this bright LED motion light will brightly light up about 400 square feet. I can see Darby and see if any animals are around her. Better yet, the motion sensor will turn on if a coyote, skunk or racoon goes past it and scare them away. So before you let your pet outside you can survey the yard and see if it is safe.

Our mayor just sent out his monthly letter to the residents of our small town in Northeast Ohio. Tucked away among shredding day and political news was an item on the increase in the number of calls to the police about coyote issues. We first noticed coyotes in our town in 2001. Since then, we see them about once a month. My dog – the 65-pound lab in the photo – chases them away when she sees them. But a number of small dogs have been carried away by coyotes and never seen again. The mayor said that there were a few dog attacks this year and even more recently.

Even with a large dog I worry about coyotes when I let my dog out at night. She disappears into the darkness. In 2005 she chased a skunk in the dark and came back sprayed and stinky. Another time she chased a coyote in the dark and tore her ACL. When a dog tears there ACL it is a $4,000 operation. So having lights away from the house that are wireless and light up to detect animals such as skunks and coyotes is a pretty big deal and a good investment

The Mr Beams Motion Sensor Security light is available here, and also through many online retailers. It installs in minutes and will provide bright light for more than one year on 3 D batteries. Please look into this product to protect your pets at night.