When you think of an emergency or first aid kit, what comes to mind?  Band-Aids and gauze?  Saltines and bottled water?  A flashlight is a given, but why not add a lighting source that would provide illumination only when needed and hands-free?  That’s what you’ll get when you add a Mr. Beams Anywhere Ceiling Light to your safety checklist.
First Aid kits ought to be stashed around your house, garage and workshop.  Don’t forget your car.  You never know when an emergency will creep up.  You should include the obvious, like aspirin, first aid ointment, bandages, and a flashlight; but items such as tweezers, scissors, batteries, a blanket and a Mr. Beams light can be essential, particularly if you are going to be without immediate assistance for any period of time.  The motion-sensor technology in Mr. Beams lights means that you can conserve battery power by only using the light when you need it – as long as the fixtures detect motion, they will stay illuminated.  However, when you’re not using the lights, they will shut off automatically, preserving valuable battery life.
Mr. Beams lights are small, so you can stick them easily in any first aid or emergency kit.  You can also slide one in the glove compartment or console of your car, but make sure you don’t install the batteries first or the lights could activate if it’s dark enough in there and they sense any movement while you’re driving.  These products are indispensable and provide security and comfort in dark situations.
Protect yourself and your family by investing a small amount of time and money in an emergency kit that will provide you with a few items of convenience and safety.  As Uncle Ben said, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”