Matisse, QC, is one of the most beautiful spots along the St Lawrence Seaway.  Pristine beaches and cool breezes provide the perfect backdrop for a relaxing getaway.  It’s not easy to get to though being twenty hours north of the border on backroads with few convenience stops along the way.  In fact, the nearest chain store is about 40 miles away.  Traveling to Matisse means bringing everything you need with you.
My friend, Leslie, just returned last weekend from her summer in Matisse where her husband’s family has several properties.  While she was still glowing from her trip, she mentioned that one dark spot of her trip was a literal dark spot.  The family’s home has a multi-level deck and stairway winding down to the beach.  Matisse is very rustic and rural, so there is no public access and certainly no lighting on the beaches.  Consequently, Leslie would worry any time the kids (or anyone) wanted to take a walk to the beach in the evening.  The beaches are rocky and the stairs are steep, so one misstep could be really dangerous.  She asked if Mr. Beams had a product that offered a “quiet” light that might be sufficient for deck and step lighting.  Right away I brought out a motion sensing Step Light with the “low glow” feature.
The Step Lights can be mounted horizontally or vertically and provide a dim light when darkness falls.  The low glow is perfect for identifying the steps and location of the lights.  Once motion is detected, the light brightens, providing perfect illumination for safe passage.  Leslie worried about placing the lights outdoors where they will be exposed to cold weather and sea spray.  Fortunately, the Step Lights, along with all Mr. Beams products, are IP44 rated which means the products will tolerate outdoor conditions well.
Leslie has agreed to purchase four units to test on the steps and is also investing in some Anywhere Ceiling Lights for emergency lighting.  The Mr. Beams lights take up such little space that it will be easy to transport the items up to Matisse and well worth it to have them there.  I can’t wait to hear feedback once the lights are installed.  I am always reluctant to recommend hairdressers, babysitters and books because everyone’s different and not all of my “must-haves” are the same as my friends’.  However, I have no qualms about suggesting Mr. Beams lights to anyone – they’re tried, true and absolutely worthwhile products.
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