Everyone can relate to this scenario:  get home from the store/work/school, hands full, fumbling for keys, lights, doorknobs.  Make it dark and you are really scrambling. Wireless Environment can’t help you with your packages, but they can help to provide you with reliable, hands-free lighting that will at least provide you with some illumination as you manage your way through the door.
Mr. Beams lights offer flexible lighting options where you need them.  No wiring is required, so you can simply position the motion-sensitive lights in your path of progress, whether it’s a Spotlight outside of an entryway, Path Lights along the walkway or Stick Anywhere Night Lights stuck (literally) next to your door.  The convenience of having hands-free lighting allows you to balance packages, locate your keys or punch in your keyless entry or security code without the hassle of locating a light switch. As a practical light source Mr. Beams is a smart choice.  The security associated with motion-detection lighting will give you one less worry as you head home.
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