Guest blog by David Levine while I’m on vacation researching about more places and ways to use Mr. Beams:

Almost nothing disturbs sleep as much as bright light.  Two things that disturb sleep as much are having to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and having to answer a screaming child.  So here is how we have reduced the disruption at my house using Mr. Beams battery-operated lights.

First we put the Stick Anywhere Night Light next to our toilet.  It is off all day and night, but once its motion detector picks me up it lights up the toilet with its bright LED.  Not so bright to disturb my sleep, but bright enough to provide the proper guidance.  For my wife it shines enough to show her if I left the seat up.  It took 10 seconds to install and since it is battery-operated it can be attached anywhere.  After 30 seconds it goes off and stays off until it detects motion again.

Next we installed the Mr. Beams Step Light in the hallway connecting our bedroom to the stairs to get to the kids’ rooms.  It glows lightly all night (think Timex’s Indiglo feature) so I can see where the wall is and walk a somewhat straight line towards it.  Then once it detects my motion – typically more than 15 feet away – it turns on the bright LED and lights up the entire floor.  One battery-powered Stair Light provides enough light in my hallway to keep me from falling or banging into something.

Since our kids are upstairs, we use the big light of the Mr. Beams Ceiling Light to light up the stairs.  This battery-operated light is the brightest of the three, providing more than 80 lumens of light.  Again, it is enough light to help us navigate the stairs safely, but not enough light to disturb my sleep or wake up the good child who decided to sleep through the night (no names, but the bad child knows who she is). And since finding a light switch at 3 a.m. seems challenging, the motion sensor is a great feature as it will turn on as soon as we approach the stairs.  With its broad, white light, it lights up the stairs like a 20W light bulb would.  It has auto shut-off, so it shuts off automatically once we pass and waits to detect motion again.  This light installs like a battery-powered smoke detector – two screws and no wires.  Ours has lasted 14 months without needing a battery change.

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