As the international lighting events LED professional Symposium Expo and Trends in Lighting Forum &Show have developed so too have their converted exhibitor awards.

Last year the events launched seven new award categories, spanning ground breaking scientific research in lighting all the way through to solutions, designs and innovative applications, celebrating the complete spectrum of light.

The events organisers believe that all truly great work deserves recognition and the LpS TiL Awards give the community of exhibitors the chance to showcase their outstanding achievements.

This year, with over 40 applicants for the 2019 LpS TiL Awards the competition is tougher than before and the expert jury panel have their work cut out for them as they have to examined and investigated every application thoroughly before making their final decisions.

The award ceremony will take place on September 25th as part of the 3rd. international Trends in Lighting Forum &Show in Bregenz.