A new concept when it comes to design, the brand new Design Lounge showroom has opened its doors and we have exclusive entry to it. Style, quality and that timeless quality to it, Design Lounge has that charm and professionalism that you’ll surely want to see for yourself this Fall when you start decorating for your new project setting.

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Design Lounge Showroom_ The Perfect Place To Shop! (4)

With a contemporary setting, this interior design showroom in Lebanon has that charming aura to it. A comfort zone where some of the ultimate interior design luxury brands meet, this open concept has the bigger picture in mind, showing what decor elements pair with perfeclty.


Design Lounge Showroom_ The Perfect Place To Shop! (5)

A mix and match of styles, from a living room corner to an elegant dining room, each piece completes each other. In sync with the latest interior design trends, from rugs to expertly chosen furniture to the best mid-century lighting designs, each space gives into a synced room where you just want to lay down and rest.

Design Lounge Showroom_ The Perfect Place To Shop! (5)

With a tone range from subtle creams to the matte blacks, you’ll find that creamy oranges with patterns have a feeling that you’ll want to keep. To keep a smooth and elegant living room design you don’t need much: the right mid-century floor lamp with leather sofas and that extra mile when it comes to that extra decor element: pillows.

Design Lounge Showroom_ The Perfect Place To Shop! (5)

A well-designed living room asks you to spend your time among the several shops and catalogues. Well, you don’t need to spend more time in this no more. Design Lounges showroom has the intuitive and the vires to sell you an amazingly decorated living room design.

Design Lounge Showroom_ The Perfect Place To Shop! (5)


Design Lounge Showroom_ The Perfect Place To Shop! (5)

From work offices to dining rooms, the wider selection of decorative items is waiting for you! Whether your planning your next interior design projects, Design Lounge has the utmost care for your necessities.

Find the showroom at:
El Mansouryet, Mont-Liban, Lebanon
If you want to book a call: 961 4 718 830

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