Lighting is a crucial component for making your property’s exterior beautiful and functional. When you’re planning exterior lighting near Clearwater, you can achieve the best results by following these simple rules.

DO: Focus on Your Home First

It’s tempting to jump right into designing your landscape lighting. However, your home is the highlight of your property, so you want to be sure to showcase it properly. In addition, focusing on illuminating your home first can also help increase your security.

DO: Use Multiple Layers

You don’t have to use a single light to illuminate an area. Try positioning multiple lights at different angles to highlight special features in your landscape and create a gorgeous silhouette. You can also stagger lights rather than grouping them in a bunch to add depth to your lighting without over-illuminating.

DON’T: Place Light Fixtures in a Straight Line Along a Path

Pathways are one of the most important exterior features to illuminate for safety reasons, but many people make the mistake of placing the lights in a straight line along the path. This looks boring, transforming your walking path into an airport runway. Instead, stagger the lights.

DON’T: Overdo It

A little bit of light goes a long way. The ideal is to gently illuminate your exterior, not make it look like the sun is still out. By placing your lights carefully, you can achieve a beautiful balance of light and dark.